Career Planning

We plan the professional career in any single detail, evaluating the best course of action, with the main goal to reach the highest level for any professional football player.

Image Rights & Marketing Plans 

We assist and manage the whole football player’s and club’s image, planning events and specific marketing actions aimed to growth their value, designing the athlete’s and club’s own brand and selling every merchandising products.

Insurance Area

Our company offers insurance services to protect the football player’s career, both for the economic and health side.

Career Contracts

We assist every football player through the process of analyzing and signing contract, both with a club and with technical and promotional-advertising sponsorships.

Mental Coaching

With the collaboration of a famous team of mental coaches that already works with international athletes we can offer this very important service aimed to improve the mind skills of a footballer.

Financial Area

GSA International’s financial area offers his services to manage, develop and protect the football player’s commercial, financial, fiscal and patrimonial activities.

Communication & Social Networks

We manage the communication (internet website, brochure and social network), the public and the Media relations, in order to preserve, develop and valorize the football player’s and club’s image.

Nutritionist & Personal Trainer

A trusted nutritionist and perosnal trainer can assist every football player in their nutritional and physical training with a tailor-made planning.

Legal Area

Our legal area offers full assistance and protection to our athlete, both during the signing of contracts and during the daily life.