Thanks to profitable and solid partnerships and the work in the single brokerage, GSA International has the luck and pleasure of acquiring precious experience and strong contacts, which allow it to increase the credibility and professionalism, in order to achieve the most prestigious goals in the field of Motorsport.

GSA International also boasts knowledge and contacts with other teams in the world of kart, formula and tourism. These working relationships are constantly under growth and development.

Collaboration with David Fumanelli (Season 2017 – current)
Collaboration with Giacomo Barri (Season 2017 – current)

Collaboration with Alexandre Blum (September 2018 – current)
Brokerage Alexandre Blum / Bhai Tech Racing Team – preparation F4
Collaboration with Francesco Marenghi (March 2019 – current)

Collaboration with Matteo Nannini (July 2018 – April 2019)

Brokerage Andrea Bertuzzi / TBKART
Brokerage Rico Volz / Corbetta Competizioni – test F4
Brokerage Rico Volz / TBKART
Brokerage Giovanni De Rossi / TBKART

Brokerage Ugo De Wilde / JD Motorsport – 2019 Season F.Renault2.0

Collaboration with Bhai Tech Racing Team (July 2017 – current)
Collaboration with Team Corbetta Competizioni (January 2017 – current)
Collaboration with TBKART (Development Manager) (March 2018 – current)
Collaboration with SVC Asia Villorba Corse (Drivers Recruitment) (April 2019 – current)
Collaboration with Nova Race (Drivers Recruitment) (June 2019 – current)