Vision & Concept

As a child, I have always practised sports activities as a fun game, seeing the Sportsman as a myth to follow and emulate in every action.

Moreover I have never neglected professionalism, order and discipline, key aspects that allowed me to develop it indirectly as a real business.

Growing up and maturing, I understood that behind these Professionals Sportsmen there is a figure that with his staff and collaborators treat, manage and develop their Career: The Manager. Not the procurator, not the agent. The Manager.

I have always been fascinated and curious about these Figures, and during the years I have succeeded in transforming it into a full-fledged work, pushed by a strong passion, a daily perseverance, preparation and determination.

The Manager, what I personally seek to perform every day with dignity and success, has the goal of building a strong relationship with his clients based on trust, friendship and professionalism, becoming the key to success in his clients’ career. The Manager, must become a Guardian Angel, part of the Family. Relationship care is the indispensable leverage to allow this activity to succeed. The relationship is supervised in every single aspect:

  • Human side: the most delicate and complex one, analyzing dynamics and work changes together with valuable daily tips, with the utmost honesty and transparency. The Manager’s goal is to aid his client to do the best choices, both in their private life and in their career. Being always present, the Manager must protect and stimulate his client in difficult times.
  • Contractual: taking care of the economic relationship between the parties. The Manager’s aim is not only to obtain the best contract possible but at the same time allowing for a successful negotiation for both parties.
  • Image’s Management and Development: procurement and management of sponsorships, investors and any kind of events, with the support of a constantly updated website and social networks; managing and regulating relations with media and TV. 
  • Assets: supporting his clients in the economic and management choices of their assets, with the main goal of making profitable investments in various business sectors.
  • With every third parties: in order to allow the professional sportsman to think exclusively about his work, with his mind free from all thoughts while carrying out his activities.

In addition, the Manager must have the spirit of leadership, charisma and initiative that, assisted with a forward-looking vision of the individual situations, allows him to create from scratch potential profitable collaborations with other closely related entities or more detached ones. But that's not enough. At the same time, the Manager must be constantly prepared and professional not only in the eyes of his clients but also in the eyes of every other figure in the industry.

Specific knowledge of your own work, basic economic knowledge and image care are vital for the success in this work. The Manager also doesn’t do its work "out of the blue". It takes Time. Management is a business that it learns over the years, developed with patience and wisdom, gaining confidence and building strong relationships with every professional figure in the business, persevering when receiving negative feedbacks, taking care of all past experiences and making mistakes that forge the spirit and temper along the way of professional growth.

No one is born ready, but if you want to become a successful Manager, you must feel like one from the very beginning, knowing that nothing is easy and obvious; time invested couldn't give anything in return in the short term; problems, difficulties and the human mistakes can always happen; the weight of clients' career could become a heavy burden at times. A Manager who wants to excel in his work should always remember that he must never give up and never be afraid to fail. Because the reward will be very high, both from the human and the economic side.

Time is Gentleman.

This is the Manager's job.

Federico Giudici